Our Story

BSP was established in 2013 to bring high-quality activewear to the masses.

The combination of their expertise created a game changing company with a striking balance of fitness and fashion. Based in the heart of NYC’s fashion district, BSP combines extensive experience which results in quality, on-trend workout apparel. Our leggings were designed to meet all of the demands of your workout styles.

Our Promise

BSP promises to deliver high quality timeless apparel at competitive affordable prices!

Combining high quality comfort with performance, BSP is always keeping up with the hottest trends in fashion. We integrate both luxury and high-end designs to provide every customer with the ability to reward their active lifestyle. We take pride in providing a quality fashion-forward style at an affordable value. By offering everyday styles at everyday prices, it allows us to stay competitve in the market. Look great, feel amazing, and thank BSP for it later!

Our Mission

Empower. Inspire. Balance.

Our Community of Women continue to inspire us at BSP Active everyday and we know they are the reason we are in business today. Living a healthy lifestlye should not come with expensive activewear. We are dedicated to continue offering the highest quality apparel to make you feel amazing, while not breaking the bank!

With Us Is More Profitable

  • High-Quality Materials: ensure durability and longevity comparable to or better than more expensive brands.
  • Cost Savings: spend less without compromising on quality.
  • Transparency: BSP Active is transparent about its sourcing and manufacturing processes, instilling trust in customers about the quality of materials used.


  • Lower Sustainability and Durability 
  • Inflated Prices
  • Less Transparency 

premium in every way except for the price

High Quality Fabrics

We pride ourselves on the quality we deliver to our customers. All of our products are designed from the finest of materials.

Unique Styles

Our top-level designers aim to craft pieces seen nowhere else, but here. From one of a kind prints, to toned down essentials.

Goodbye Heavy Markups

Accessibility and affordability is our ultimate mission. We believe that everybody should have access to high quality activewear.